Five days on from the EU referendum, I find myself still reeling from the shock of the result and trying to make sense of both ‘why?’ and ‘what next?’.

 Having spoken to clients in both Denmark and Switzerland yesterday, what struck me is that they both, independently, referred to the UK as ‘the island’ – to be interpreted both geographically and metaphorically. Is this how we are now seen by the rest of the continent?

 Having spent most of my career working around Europe I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to find common ground. The fundamental behaviours of our European colleagues are the same, and any differences that did exist were actually endearing. I’m proud that some of my European colleagues have become lifelong friends.

 I believe the decision to leave Europe will have an impact on the design industry in general. Creativity is driven by diversity. Seeing or hearing something different or surprising often sparks the best ideas, and I truly hope that the design industry can find a way to encourage diversity to reflect the truly multifaceted world we live in.

 Like everyone in the country (and world) we don’t know what’s next, but one thing is certain – it’s time to focus, minimise the distractions, and work to rebuild this island’s relationships with the rest of the world.